Dr Sam Shohet

Foremost Alternative Health Practitioner

15 years, thousands of patients and thousands of successful treatments from his Harley Street and Woking Practices.

Dr Sam Shohet is the leading Alternative Health Practitioner in Harley Street, London and Woking, Surrey. He offers his patients a full health screening consultancy service and a postal DNA hair test.

Dr Sam Shohet has a way of treating patients that is as unique as their own genetic make-up. Having recognised the individuality of each person, Dr Sam has taken the cutting edge of conventional nutritional research and combined it with a range of diagnostics from Eastern medicine in a remarkable and unique way. The outcome is a blueprint for healthy living and brings genuine hope to those blighted by conventional medicine's limited ability to treat them.

Dr Sam started his career as a reconstructive dental surgeon working alongside many other Harley Street specialists. He also spent several years in anesthetics and orthodontics before studying Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and Functional Medicine.

Today Dr Sam runs the Integral Health practice in London's Harley Street and Woking, Surrey. Here he sees a wide range of patients suffering from problems as diverse as eczema and asthma, through to terminal illnesses including cancer, diabetes and coronary heart disease. He has also revolutionized his DNA hair test, which has been used in the clinic for well over 16 years. This test provides the care and treatment for those patients unable to travel to Harley Street. They can be treated in the comfort of their own homes just by posting their hair to Integral Health.

Be Pain Free within minutes! Dr Sam is now promoting the latest innovations in instant pain relief without the use of drugs or manipulations.

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